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Which is better online grocery app : BigBasket or Local Banya?

Big Basket and Local Banya online grocery websites are with repeat value; thus, we point out some points to have a clear understanding.

They do not have real differences in their home page and are almost identical in the face deals and details.

Big Basket offers smooth and convenient registration and login and saves the user ID and password, whereas Local Banya does not offer this option.

The product ranges are more or less similar, of course, with some variations. On the other hand, some products range better and offer exclusive offers, and sometimes a deal-breaker.

online grocery
Which is better online grocery app _ BigBasket or Local Banya_

Local Banya offers bi-weekly offers, and Big Basket provides constant changing ones, with no bundling.

Local Banya’s communication is very strong, while Big Basket’s lacks communication despite the superior technology they employ. 

The delivery timings are equal for both. But Local Banya offers free delivery for products worth rupees 500 whereas Big Basket for rupees 1000.

Thus, Local Banya is excellent because of the delivery price band, whereas Big Basket uses data to service their customer’s requirements efficiently.


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