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Which is the best online grocery store in Noida?

In Noida, various online grocery stores help to deliver daily groceries to your doorstep. We list down some of the best online grocery stores in Noida.

The first online grocery store is Grocio. They offer fruits and vegetables, grocery staples, household needs, personal care, baby care, breakfast and dairy products, beverages and snacks, frozen and ready to eat foods, pet care and stationery items.

Anand Gro is a house for all types of vegetables and fruits, and other grocery items. They do have fresh amla and beetroot and other items such as milk, biscuits, personal care, syrups, household essentials or beverages of known brands.


It is a well-known name for grocery stores and is one of the few grocery stores in Noida that offers all types of liquor. It stocks fresh fruits and vegetables, packages fruits, coffee and tea, pet care, bakery products, baby care, bathroom cleaning and organic foods. 

online grocery store
Which is the best online grocery store in Noida_

Big Bazaar

One of the known hypermarkets in India, Big Bazaar undeniably offers cost-saving offers for all varieties of products. Besides grocery, they offer Indian sweets, desserts, electronics, party snacks, kitchen essentials, luggage, bedsheets, etc.

Delhi Profit Bazar

It is located in New Ashok Nagar and delivers all types of rice, masala, flour, personal hygiene, baby care, and other essentials like dairy, bakery and gourmet products.


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